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Additional Various Promotionals
(various semi-interesting bits and pieces, to be added)

* The Hoagy Carmichael Educational Sculpture Tour                    2007
          An Indiana tour of the life-size bronze sculpture of Indiana-born Singer/Songwriter Hoagy Carmichael was sponsored by Indiana University. It traveled to 14 cities in the state of Indiana.  

The goal was to educate Hoosiers on the life of Hoagy Carmichael before the sculpture's dedication on the grounds of Indiana University, Bloomington campus.

The below video are photographs from each stop along the tour (photographed by the sculptor). Hoagy Carmichael sings his song "Skylark".

* Graduate School Video_(test video by Brian May)                    2006
          This is simply added for sentimental value. Claymaking at Indiana University......Ah, those were

seemingly unencumbered days!  

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