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Cell - 812-330-8934

A picture of myself for visual reference.

ITALIAN ART SABBATICAL   John Angel Atelier,         2007         

Concentrated work:  figurative drawing/painting


M.F.A. CLAY  SCULPTURE   University of Cincinnati,   1986
          Concentrated work:  figurative sculpture/clay/drawing

          Concentrated work:  computer/graphic design/photography/multi-media production

B.S. ART EDUCATION   Indiana University,   1979
          Concentrated work:  clay sculpture/drawing



Michael Livingston McAuley was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana.  He received the Bachelors of Art Education and Masters of I.S.T. degrees from Indiana University.  A second Masters degree was in Ceramic Sculpture from the University of Cincinnati.  While in Portland, Oregon he added portrait work from the University of Portland to his body of figurative studies.  Beyond this receiving end he has taught various ages art, design, and sculpture at the University of Cincinnati, Belhaven University, and Indiana University. 

Among grants Michael has achieved are from the CICF/Efroymson Foundation, the Indiana University Foundation, the Indianapolis Arts Council, the Bloomington Area Arts Council, and the Caesars Foundation.  Art awards span from the regional to the national. Under his guidance, Michael’s students have won prestigious awards in both the field of fine art and the field of graphic design. He occasionally writes articles for newspapers, newsletters and art magazines and gives talks in both design and sculpture.

Michael’s degrees and seminar participation has provided him with a range of depth and aesthetic ability which easily transfers to more than one medium.  It is this diversity of experiences which brings his sometimes subtle yet signature look to all his work.  This look, favoring a graphic or linear quality, can be traced strongly to his early training in the field of graphic design.  Though Michael works primarily within the figurative realm, he is always exploring other directions whenever the need arises to further expand and stimulate his art.

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Cell - 812-330-8934

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Art Statement
In viewing my art in general, and the figurative work specifically, I desire the viewer both to realize my high level of academic and technical competency while sensing a great concern for subtleties of depth in emotion and spirit.  This latter aspect is the hardest to achieve — but the most compelling and satisfying.  Working to stir the mind and heart from subdued serenity to moving passion is always elusive but great in reward when captured.  

Consequently I believe art should possess the power to tap into a deeper level of appreciation and awareness of the divine; this then moves beyond a technical but visually beautifully rendered object. If life is what we all desire — the kind contributing to our feeling alive and enboldened with purpose, understanding and meaning — then art is indeed a valid endeavor.  This is what I search to evoke in every work of art I create.

Art, then, is truly satisfying when it rewards with a compelling reason for it’s existence, and ours.

Work History

          Owner/Creative Director <
          Providing figurative sculpture and designwork to individuals and corporations.

VISITING ARTIST (sculpture)   Indiana University    Bloomington, Indiana  2005-2007
          Position created for students to discuss while I create a sculpture of composer Hoagy Carmichael      
          Individual lectures for students and my interaction with them during the creating process was required.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ART   Belhaven University    Jackson, Mississippi  1993 - 1999
          Established sculpture program/directed visual communication program       
          Responsibilities included community interaction, internships, continuance of professional work,
          networking and maintenance of computer lab.

ART DIRECTOR (graphics and product design)   Dicksons, Ind.   Seymour, Indiana  1986 - 1992
          Direct and quality control outgoing product design, illustration, 3-D design
          Oversee concept through final production and manufacturing of designs

GRADUATE STUDENT/INSTRUCTOR OF CLAY SCULPTURE   University of Cincinnati    1984 - 1986
          Developed a logical order of coursework for beginning through advanced classes
          Maintained work-flow of ceramic studio in kiln, glazing, clay mixing, and studio areas
          Initiated a related figurative sculpture class to be brought back into the curriculum

SAGA FOODS   University of Cincinnati,  1985 -1986
          Design/layout/paste-up artist for Saga food services (campus food service)
          Produced notable upscale quality changes in previously existing marketing image

CERAMICS DIRECTOR   French Woods   Hancock, New York    Summer  1984  
          Directed graphic design/ceramic program in visual/theatrical arts camp
          Responsibilities of scheduling and delegation of teaching assignments (staff of three)

ART INSTRUCTOR   Indiana University, Bloomington  1978, 1983 -1984
          Instructor/evaluator during student tenure for M 135: Art for Non-Majors, a class open to all students

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